About Us

Protekt GPS was founded in 2015 by Matt Penhall and Robert Layton in regional Victoria after a discussion about the high cost and reliability of the GPS tracking systems available at the time.

After writing some initial software to communicate with some test devices and carrying out extensive testing we then developed our smartphone Apps, and it was time to go to market.

Since then and after working closely with many clients, our talented in-house software developers have designed and built a feature packed tracking platform that we offer you today.

Protekt is used by clients within all types of industries to remotely monitor the location and safety of their assets and remote workforce using our precise and economical GPS tracking devices coupled to our secure cloud-based software platform.

"At Protekt, we have made it our mission to provide our clients with an exceptional and cost-effective end to end GPS Tracking Solution that has enabled us to build long term relationships with our clients. Protekt has proven to be an invaluable business tool that will actually put money back into our clients’ pockets"

Matt Penhall – Protekt Founder
Matt Penhall

Matt is a seasoned auto electrician with more than 30 years experience in working with vehicle and machinery electronics in both standard automotive and mining industries. He has worked with vehicles of all sizes including heavy machinery and large mining fleets all around the country.

Matt founded Protekt when he saw that existing GPS solutions were overly expensive, hard to use and unreliable. Protekt was founded to address these concerns and bring a high quality product to clients, without having to pay through the roof.

Co-founder and Data Scientist
Dr Robert Layton

Rob brings more than 15 years experience in working with data systems for industry, bringing insight into how to manage, visualise and use data for organisations. Rob is an experienced software developer and has written multiple books on programming and data analysis. Rob brings his experience in geospatial data, high throughput data and data security to Protekt.

Rob joined Matt in developing the prototype for the first version of Protekt, and has worked with Matt through the journey as the company has grown over the last five years.

Senior Programmer
Tristan McArdle

Tristan is a full-stack developer, capable of writing high quality solutions for everything from websites and tricky data engineering code. Tristan brings a high level of professionalism to the team, helping to produce highly reliable software for managing fleet vehicle data, as well as the needs of large clients when it comes to integrations and features. In his spare time, Tristan has developed code for custom ECUs.

Tristan joined Protekt in 2020, developing a new version of the website and fleet platforms, as well as creating new systems like our fleet management platforms and updated mobile apps.