• Can you hide the tracker so it can’t be seen?
    Yes you can, the device is small in size, has a plain black case, and can be hidden away in multiple locations to avoid detection.

  • Does the tracker need constant power?
    Yes the device does need to be hard wired to a power source for data transmission to our servers, but it also has a built in battery that enables the device to work in the event that the power source is disconnected.

  • Why do I need to pay a monthly subscription fee?
    This monthly fee covers an included monthly data SIM plan that we supply to you with the device to be able to communicate location information, the storage of your current and historical location information, and 24/7 access to this functionality via our easy to use Pro-tekt APP.

  • Can I fit the tracker myself?
    Although the installation is quite simple, we strongly suggest the system be installed by a qualified Auto-electrician, Accessory installer or Authorized Agent, as we cannot guarantee that you will have selected the correct power sources to maintain the integrity of both the device itself, and the vehicle it is being fitted to. The Warranty of the device will also be Void if damaged due to incorrect power source connection.

  • Can I add another device to my account?
    You certainly can, there is no limit. Simply purchase the new device, log into your account and select the ADD DEVICE feature, enter your devices unique code, this will then be added to your device list.

  • What happens if there’s no phone signal?
    If you have lost phone reception, the device will continue to store location data within the device memory, and will simply upload the stored data to our server once connection is re-established.