A Beginners Guide to GPS Tracking..

When it comes to not only vehicle security and safety but also monitoring the safety and whereabouts of your remote workforce, GPS tracking is the perfect solution.

These days, GPS trackers are quite small and can be easily installed and hidden on almost any type of car, truck, trailer, machine or other fixed or mobile asset that you may wish to track.

With many types of trackers now available, selecting the correct type of tracker to use on your vehicles and assets will provide the best outcome for your information requirements.

How does a GPS tracker work?

The short version -

Tracker gets GPS information from satellites, sends the information over the Telecommunications network to a server, where the information is stored for you to access at any time either now or in the future with any connected smartphone or computer.

The technical version -

GPS trackers use incoming location information generated from a combination of over 3,370 active satellites that are currently in orbit above the earth. Our Protekt GPS trackers have the ability to look at 66 individual satellite signals at any one time which show location and signal strength information. From these 66 signals, the processor selects the 8 strongest signals and converts the information into a single fixed location position that is generally accurate within only a few meters.

GPS trackers are supplied with either a SIM card, or SIM chip which provides a communication gateway using utilising either the 4G or 3G cellular networks that are available within the area.

Once GPS location is confirmed by the tracker, the tracker communicates this location information over the cellular network which is then uploaded and stored in our secured servers, the information is then immediately able to be accessed through either our Protekt App or through our Fleet Portal.

There are also times when a cellular network is either not available, or the signal is too weak to provide a secure communication connection. In this case, the tracker will store any location and other vital information within the internal memory of our devices (up to 96,000 individual locations) and will then transfer this information once a secure connection has been re-established.

With advances in GPS Tracking technology, the functionality, level of detailed information and speed at which the user can access the information is almost instantaneous, but not all providers are the same. Most providers think that information delays of between 1 and 5 minutes to display new information is an acceptable timeframe, while charging up to $55.00 per vehicle per month for this 'privilege'... We emphatically disagree..

We at Protekt have solved some very complicated device handling computations that have allowed us to provide the incoming information from a connected device in 5 second intervals.. That's right, Just 5 Seconds, this is a problem that even the worlds largest providers have not been able to solve. We Did, and for a fraction of the price!

If you would like to know more, or have any further questions, then call us directly on 1300952530.

Thankyou for your time!

Matt Penhall