Fleet GPS Tracking.. Why you should partner Australian.

When it comes to choosing a GPS tracking provider, the initial cost is always going to a contributing factor in the decision making process due to the initial purchase price of the device, as well as the set up costs of having the system installed in your vehicles. But as we will explain, the level of customer support you tracking partner will provide you should be one of the most important considerations, and is a major 'pain point' for most businesses that we speak to that are currently using off shore providers.

Over recent years we have been contacted directly by many companies looking to change over to us from their current tracking provider due to spending countless hours being shuffled between different call centers and replaying the same issue speaking to different call center operators each time, with some issues taking up to 6 weeks to have resolved, or in some cases having the service issue ticket removed from the providers service list without the issue being resolved, so on the phone you go again! One business told us they were so sick of 1 particular on-going issue, that they spent nearly 4 straight hours on the phone to their providers call center to have the issue resolved..

But dealing with call centers are not the only issue, if you choose to partner with an offshore provider then good luck trying to contact their customer service representatives during Australian business hours. We have been hearing the same story over and over from many companies that we have spoken to where even some of the call centers are not open until 11am AEST! Just to add insult to injury, if you're getting their call center, then you must realise that the people that can actually resolve your issue are asleep!

Everyone (including ourselves) have at some time has spent more time on the phone than they'd ever like to sorting out power, gas, internet and phone technical and billing issues, and no one is immune to the frustration of being shuffled between their various technical departments for long periods of time.

Knowing this pain point, our team at Protekt have developed an extremely high level of detailed information into our ability to perform remote diagnostics using comprehensive 2-way communication protocols with our devices. In investing in building this dedicated testing and diagnosis software, we have not only gained the ability to rectify most issues within only a few short minutes, but we have gained the ability to prevent many issues from happening in the first place. 

When choosing Protekt as a provider for your business Fleet GPS Tracking requirements, you must remember that you are making a long term investment in a partnership with our team of tracking experts, that can in nearly all cases produce immediate and significant reductions in vehicle running costs, as well as empowering you with data that shows you exactly what is happening on the ground on a day to day basis with your remote workforce.

What you are being told by your staff, and what the data actually shows is really happening you can be very different..

 With advances in GPS Tracking technology, the functionality, level of detailed information and speed at which the user can access the information is almost instantaneous, but not all providers are the same. Most providers think that information delays of between 1 and 5 minutes to display new information is an acceptable timeframe, while charging up to $55.00 per vehicle per month for this 'privilege'... We emphatically disagree..

We at Protekt have solved some very complicated device handling computations that have allowed us to provide the incoming information from a connected device in 5 second intervals.. That's right, Just 5 Seconds, this is a problem that even the worlds largest providers have not been able to solve. We Did, and provide everything you need for a fraction of the price!

Just 1 final consideration before you decide to choose a Fleet GPS Tracking partner.. 

Make sure you are not signing on with a company that has a very well hidden 12-24 or even a 36 month contract! 3 Years is a long time if all is not well...

If you have read this far into the article, then I thank you for the time you have taken to read it.. We sincerely look forward to having the opportunity to become your Fleet GPS Tracking partner, and for many years to come..

Also if you have any questions, call us directly on 1300952530.


 Matt Penhall                                                                                               Founder - Protekt GPS